Boy and Girl

That day the earth shook under his feet and the clouds carried him away at the same time.  All his life, Boy had known that Girl was his friend, his companion, his partner in crime, his shoulder to lean on. Girl was the reason he was brave enough to ask for an extension on his curfew. “A few more minutes, mum!”  Life was perfect when Boy and Girl were together. They would laugh when people would say ‘A boy and a girl can never be just friends’. Fools. What did they know.  But, that day the earth shook under his … Continue reading Boy and Girl

Gooey in Crossword..? NO.

Being a journalism student, we are often bombarded with heavy topics, big-ass discussions about the current happenings and future predictions, precautions and causes, etcetera. Hence, a few of my earlier posts have been a tad heavy, focusing on the proceedings of today’s destructive world. However, I am a person known to twist and weave jokes into the stringent most scenarios. So, here I am, taking a break, nay, a free pass from the vortex of pure journalism to be the goofball I pride myself to be. Recently, I visited the nearest Crossword outlet because I had a couple of hours … Continue reading Gooey in Crossword..? NO.

Inspiration is lost..? Oh pish posh!

When I was in school, I had this one teacher who was an absolute angel to me. I had started writing a long time ago. And she would read all of my stuff; all my crappy stuff, in my scrawny handwriting. She would read the whole damn thing, and give me comments. I didn’t know how to use Word back then so it would be all hand-written. And so would her notes. I would write about my house, about my imaginary pet unicorn, about the movie I saw that made me shit bricks, about the cute guy in the next … Continue reading Inspiration is lost..? Oh pish posh!


Originally posted on Of the Wise and Rude:
THINGS GUYS JUST SHOULDN’T SAY ON A FIRST DATE: That’s a cute nose you got there. Can I touch it? (uh, no. that’s my nose. Nobody, NOBODY touches my nose.) That shirt is ayyyy-takes a tour of Europe-yyydorable! Where’d ya get it? *gaydar ringing* Ya know, I’ve just been waiting for the perfect little THING to waltz my way. And now, you’re here. (thing? Well, waiter? Check!) Your eyes are so pretty. They remind me of pretty eyes. (no shit) You’re getting the salad, the pasta AND the pizza? Weeeeell, okay. (you… Continue reading To NOT Do

The Job

As I stealthily made my way down the street, I clapped my hands gleefully seeing the rivers of blood flowing down. I walked further searching for souls to collect. I saw my younger brother Destruction, all proper in his grey coat, on the other side of the street. I waved to him. He waved back, but at the exact moment, the building next to him dropped to rubble. He grinned sheepishly. I shook my head at his naivety. I had to go wherever he went. It was the golden rule set down. I heard screams, I heard guns, I heard … Continue reading The Job

Ol’ Tommo

As soon as Timothy woke up, he knew it was a Wednesday. He hadn’t really followed much of the weekdays since The Accident, but he just knew. It was all the squealing around him that woke him up. Everyday seemed to be in a hurry to put on their Church clothes. Kids seemed to be fighting to stand in front of the cracked old mirror, sweeping their hair to the sides, pulling their cheeks to give them a rosy look. He shook his head at them, amused. Getting up from the thin mattress, he reached for his crutches, pulling them … Continue reading Ol’ Tommo

The Time Traveler’s Wife

So, I recently saw this movie The Time Traveler’s Wife and it’d pretty much be an understatement if I told ya I didn’t cry like a baby who hadn’t had a morsel in ages. As the movie began, I pinned it as a sci-fi movie, and sat down, popcorn in hand, waiting for the ridonkulous scientific never-possible-other-than-in-hollywood stuff to begin. I like to believe I was tickled even for the movie to start. But, as the movie progressed further, it hit me that it was a feel-good, cry-your-balls-out movie. Too late to exchange the popcorn with the box of Kleenex. … Continue reading The Time Traveler’s Wife