Don’t Mind If I Do, My Love

My god, baby, you’re so beautiful

With your stretch marks and your cuts

You’ve lived your side of life, and more

These are just reminders of the same, but


People will say you’re broken,

That you gave up on life

That you turned your back and left

Showed some strong cowardice


That you did nothing to change yourself

And be pretty like the world says you should

But what they don’t see is, my love, you could change everything and nothing

And you’d be beautiful nevertheless, yes you would


But then, I’m the freak

Who falls more and more for you each day

In spite of the marks and the cuts,

They’d judge, no matter how deep my emotions lay


To them I wish to say some words,

Not quite fit for print, I’m sure

I’d say it’s not in spite of, that I feel what I feel,

I love you because of the marks, and beauty galore


They laugh at me, like they do you

Call me an imposter, not worth my buck,

I say, dear world, I couldn’t care what you thought of me,

I’m in love, I don’t quite give a fuck


No way does it mean I stop feeling what I do

For you, I’m so deep in this, really!

My adoration for you is quite real, my sweet,

Even if I’m not quite that touchy-feely!


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