We Need To Ring In The Age Of Emotional Hook-ups!

Today’s day and age is so very different from ten years ago. Things are so very unlike what they used to be. The concept and the process of almost everything that involves any degree of human interaction is laughably minimalistic, and there seems to be no problem whatsoever with that. People have begun relying on devices and social media to make themselves feel better. Likes equate to love, in this simple yet intruguing turn of events.

Global Times

In such an era, the conventional definition of relationships has gone kaput. Like it has been wisely put: people don’t look for their next partner, or their next love; people look for their next segment of entertainment. If love is to be taken out of the equation, and if one is to focus on only physical relations, it is even more so obvious that we want a few hours of attention, satisfaction and some good lovin’ to make ourselves feel better about our shitty days. And I don’t think it to be wrong. What I do, however, feel is that our generation does not need hook-ups as much as we need ’emotional’ hook-ups.

Ideal Magazine

Mankind has always had this kinship with physical touch. A handshake feels better than a wave. A hug feels better than a handshake. A kiss on the cheek makes you feel warmer than a peck on your lips would. Mankind has always been thirsty for sex, but it is perenially hungry for affection and attention.

Emotional hook-ups do not mean sex or physical activities with a person while you have certain infatuations or feelings towards them. It simply translates to sitting close to each other, touching each other, hugging, cuddling, spooning. And talking. We underestimate the power of a good cuddle-and-vent session. Sure, lines are blurred in relationships, and with the concept of ‘no homo’ that we have mastered, it is a little problematic to think that one would be okay with just lying next to each other, smelling their scent, touching their hair, and talking about their lives on a fairly regular basis. But, if we were to, for instance, pick a partner, anyone that we are comfortable with, and lie down, no strings attached, for a couple of hours and talk about our stresses and our dreams, and that annoying colleague, or that beautiful destination we always wanted to visit, it would act like a understated therapy session.


I imagine it would be quite simple to forget fights, and arguments, and disagreements if you were to sit with that other person and just vent about what bothered you so. We are so used to pushing our feelings away. We are in terrible shape. The lives our parents had are not the ones that we are living. To prove that we are doing it right, that we are not confused, that we have it figured out, we shove so many thoughts and so many cries for help under the rug, it has inflated into this giant pile in our minds, and all we do is make it larger, hoping that if we fill our lives with frivolous social media antics, the pile would disappear or be momentarily swallowed. Ours is an emotionally stunted generation, and emotional hook-ups would be the way to go! Let’s make this a thing!



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