The Phenomenal Screw-up of Society

“Honey you can’t stay out late like your brother.”

“Kiddo, you can’t date a girl. You’re a girl.”

“Babe, you can’t wear clothes this short. I’m not dating a hoe.”

“You can’t look at me, you fag. Stop objectifying m– Oooh, look at them hugeass titties, lol.”

“You can’t be a stay-at-home dad. What’ll the neighbors say?”

“You can’t let him dress up like that. He’s still a boy.”

“You can’t complain to the cops. If you do, the next thing bruising up won’t be just your eye.”

Amidst all the okays and the hesitations and the hurtful words, society forgot to see. Society forgot to see how it had screwed up.


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