The Pearl of Wisdom

It floated down to the earth from the skies above, the pearl.

White, shiny, smooth. It looked like a shooting star, but nobody saw it float.

It travelled great distances and finally settled onto the bottom of a lake.

Resplendent, the people who saw it from the shores said.

Mankind finally caught the pearl and took it, keeping it as their own, as their beacon of light and happiness.

They kept it in their homes, in their offices, in their mansions. They fed on its beauty, feasted on the smooth texture.

They were convinced they had it all.

Little did they know, that the pearl still sat, untouched, at the bottom of the lake, for man had only just caught the reflection. The actual pearl was pure and untouched still, waiting to be discovered.

The Pearl of Wisdom sat in patience, waiting to be united with mankind.


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