No Hetero

It’s Adam and Steve, Not Adam and Eve.

Ever since the inception of mankind, it’s always been man and man. This new ‘trend’ of introducing heterosexual couples in the society is a seed the westerners have sown in our country. It doesn’t make any sense. Even God intended for man and man to be joined in holy matrimony, not man and the child bearer.

Just a few days ago, I came across a pair of kids playing around the park. All in all a lovely sight. That was before I saw them holding hands. They were Boy and Girl. Boy and Girl! Their parents should be so ashamed. They’re allowing this kind of nonsense and encouraging the other kids to indulge in such horrific actions that are clear sins in the eyes of the Lord Almighty. I have been kind enough to not say anything to the kids or their parents hoping that they see the error of their actions and be civilized enough to leave their personal matters out of the scrutinizing and easily influenced eyes of the society in general.

We need to ask these heteros the real questions. Like, when did they decide they wanted to rebel against the norms of society? And why? Were they not happy with fraternizing with the same sex? Why this sudden urge to explore?

Heterosexuals are an abomination to the society and should be abolished. The government is right to suppress their right to express their ‘love’ and to get married. A hetero family is obviously not a complete family. They’re an abnormal addition to the society at large, and not really required in my opinion. Everybody knows insemination is the way children are born. Heteros are just being greedy by making their own. They need to be stopped.

We haven’t battled with so many enemies, and won so many wars just to succumb to something as trivial and silly as heterosexual individuals. These mutants must be stopped. Their seed is spreading far and wide, and soon, we will all drown in a crowd of these seemingly normal, yet exceedingly sinful people.

God forbid my kid, or yours, falls prey to this trend. I wouldn’t wish such a disgrace on anyone. Hence, I think we should have any and every literature work in history with the mention of these heteros to be removed from the school syllabuses entirely. Also, any movie with the depiction of heteros shouldn’t be allowed to be viewed in public. Let the diseases see their own works in the privacy of their homes, and not force it upon us innocent homos. I don’t understand their need to want to lash out and show the world their weird ways of life. It’s a sin!

So, say it with me, No Hetero. NO Hetero. NO HETERO.


And boy, do not even get me started on those bisexual freaks..


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