Dear Future Partner

Dear future partner, this one goes out to you

Because I don’t know if there’d be

Enough people in my life then

To warn you about me and how I work

It hasn’t been too long

And I don’t know if it ever will

But there’s something about you

So I have to tell you I like you, my love

I’m an acquired taste, my sweet

So if, at times, you feel like you could quit it and be joyful

Take a breath and look again

And you might be surprised

We might be completely incompatible

Or we might fit like a glove

But it’s okay because I am in no rush to be loved

Or to be in love

Though the idea is fantastic and fantastical in itself

Silly of me to waste your time

And to have mine wasted

But I’m sure it’s nice

So I’m going to keep doing it

It’s like a habit, but the nice kind, if there ever was one

Rhyming has never been my thing as it seems to be yours

The poems you write and the poems I write aren’t meant to be

Maybe the ‘you’ you project and the ‘me’ I project aren’t meant to be

Maybe we are too opposite, too far to blend

But then again, blue and berry sounds better than berry and berry

So, if at times you feel like you need to let go

Just look again

I’ll be right there

Standing with a blue and a berry in my hand, my love


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