Who loves a racist stand-up comedian? EVERYONE!

Some time back, I introduced my office colleagues to Amy Schumer. God knows I love her. She’s funny, she’s spunky, she’s gorgeous. It is nearly impossible to hate her. For instance:

How can you hate that face, those quips? She’s awesome.

So, anywhooo, my colleagues absolutely adored her so when I went on a date some time later, I brought up her subject. And my date just went, “Well, gosh, she is horrifyingly drab.” I know, I know, I should’ve slammed the salad plate in his face but he had a cute nose, so yea.

I was thoroughly shocked. Even the people Amy made fun of loved her. How could this no-good little shit moron not like her?! I asked him why, clutching the plate for dear life, and he said he didn’t like her because she was a MASSIVE bigot and a horrible racist.

I wish I’d slammed the plate. The man hated a stand-up comedian because she was a racist. Do you even realize what that means? EVERY stand-up comedian is a racist. That’s how they work. How do you think they generate about 98% percent of their material?

These people make a living out of ‘three men walked into a bar’ jokes. Do you know how many of those men are ethnically asking for it? All of them.

Do you think this would make for a good show?

Comedian: So, three men walked into a bar.

People: And?

Comedian: And that’s it. They had a few drinks and went back home to their tolerant families.They’re good men.




Comedian: Thanks for paying so much money to come listen to me be nice. K bye.

All stand-up comedians are mean and racist and bigots and you know what, it’s awesome. It’s okay that they don’t love all religions.

Especially those —–s. I hate those assholes.


One thought on “Who loves a racist stand-up comedian? EVERYONE!

  1. Thank you! As someone who enjoys all sorts of comedy, INCLUDING insult comedy, I really believe comedians should be allowed to get away with anything, as long as they make someone laugh. The rules of political correctness should be different for them!

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