Female friendly?

Today morning, as I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and a newspaper and sat at the window, I hardly ever thought THIS is what I’d be doing later.

Writing about something I read in a supplement.

There was a list of affordable places to eat and drink. (cue gasp, because who writes about affordable stuff anymore!)

And in the description of those places were the prices (obviously) and the best time to go (surely) and the landmarks (understandable) and whether those places were female friendly.

Yes. My eyes bulged too.

So now, restaurants and hotels have another degree to pass when the hotel police (I have honestly forgotten what they’re called and I’m too lazy to Google it) come around and ask to check the place for a clean chit. So it goes “Your place be clean? Good. Your place be rat-free? Good. Your place be smelling nice? Good. Your place be female friendly? What do you mean ‘kind of’? Screw you. You’re out.”

I just don’t have any solution for this, neither do I have an argument. But if restaurants and places to hang have to pass the ‘female friendly’ chit to be visited, I think we have taken our misogynous behaviors too far.

Or is this more of a Schrödinger’s cat? Wait to see if it be female friendly or not?


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