The Abuse

Yes, we live in India.

Yes, India is a developing country.

Yes, India is rich when it comes to sheer morality.

Yes, India is stepping out of its cocoon of orthodoxy and stepping into the realm of the modernism so boldly and readily adopted by the world.

But that’s it. I’m calling it.

I’m calling bullshit on the whole deal.

Stepping into modernism, my ass foot.

Just the other day, me and a couple of friends were awaiting a train back home at the railway station.

There was a rather noisy couple sitting in the same area as us. They were clearly people of…lesser means. Seemed pretty young too. 18-19, tops.

The guy just seemed to be yelling a horrid line of profanities at the girl and she just sat there like a statue, silent and uninterested.

Soon the profanities morphed into threats about public beating.

Not long after, the boy was bored of empty threats and proceeded to cough up threats about posting lewd videos of the girl on social networking websites and ruining her life.

Now, I have never been a very brave girl, barring a few occasions and the white anger in the boy’s eyes genuinely scared me shitless.

So I stood there grounded, feeling so bad for the girl while one of my friends silently walked off to the Railway Police Cabin.

Meanwhile the hot headed profanities continued.

When my friend returned, I was hoping she’d have the constable with her because another train was entering the station and clearly, the boy had all intentions of boarding it.

However, the train arrived, waited for the customary two minutes and left, with the boy pulling the girl roughly by her neck.

And then staggered along the kind idiot of a constable, waving his stick about.

When we told him of the proceedings, hoping he’d send out notice to the officers at the next station at least, he merely shrugged carelessly and mumbled, “Chalta hai, relative hoga. Ye sab hota rehta hai.” (It’s fine, he must be a relative. This kind of shit keeps happening.)

Abuse never was and never has been a matter to be taken so lightly. Fuck relatives, even if a guy has shared one of his kidneys with a girl, nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing gives him a justification real enough for him to hit a woman, or even threaten her.

Sure, it is the girl’s fault as well, to take his rubbish behavior.

But I have seriously lost all hopes of India stepping into the future, peppered with modernism and equality, if the face of that constable is mirrored in the face of even a single other citizen of this ‘proud’ country.


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