What comes first; Love or Sex?

So, it’s been over a decade since the quite open-minded topics have found their way into the realm of consensual activities inside closed doors. And it’s still a taboo to talk about. But, I’m going to do it never-the-less; even if it means spending the night at a friend’s, because after this, clearly, I’m going to be locked out of my house.

What comes first? Love or sex?

This question was brought to my notice while watching a sitcom ‘AWKWARD’. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the show, but sometimes I relate to the protagonist, Jenna. Hello? Socially awkward nerd who sits in front of her blog, puking out her feelings and questions to strangers? Check.

Haters gonna hate.

Anyway, the question made so much sense. Obviously, gone are the days when a first meet followed by a first kiss followed by a passionate three month romance (strictly non-sexual) followed by a shotgun wedding and then the deed made for great stories.

Now, it’s all about the sex stories. It’s all about the deed and the details. It’s all about the ‘stolen’ kisses and the dirty talk. So, the line has become difficult to seek out.

Which line, you ask?

Why, the line between what beats what to the chase, of course.

If, in the early days, you loved a person truly, the deed was justified. But now, if sex with the person is earth-shattering, umm-umm gurl, you belong together!

Earlier, love triumphed physical needs, tendencies and pre-requisites. Now, sex is the key to finding ‘the one’.

Sure, there are some old-fashioned folks who treat their bodies as their temples, and try their level best to not indulge in such activities, steer clear of peer pressure, blah blah.

But hormones are hormones. And there’s a reason why puberty hits. And hits bad.

Is sex really that fundamental in defining a relationship? Say if a guy really really likes a girl, but the sex isn’t doing him any favors, pun intended, he should break it off?  Is that why 80 percent of guys prefer to not call and just walk out? Because that sure explains a lot.

There it is again, the I’m-Carrie-Bradshaw feel. It’s better than I remember.  *sips a cosmo*

Or maybe, evolution, the bitch, has finally done it and made it legitimate. Maybe Jenna’s mum is right when she says “Every first time is a first time.”

Maybe, now, sex is the resume to a good relationship, true love, beautiful wedding and a happy marriage.



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