Types Of Friends

So, I’m just 19 but I’ve had my fair share of weird. Hell, I’ve even had my unfair share of weird.

So, as I sat watching Castle reruns (it’s a great show, end of discussion), I thought of all the different kinds of people I’ve met; during break time, obviously. Nobody steers when the show’s going on!

I came with a list of people we become with only that one other person. There’s obviously more. But, these are the ones that particularly stuck out.


  1. The squealing friend:
    This friend is the one you are close to but don’t meet often enough and hence, when you do spot the other person by chance, you obviously have to howl and make it clear to everyone around you.

  1. The FTW friend:
    This friend is kind you wouldn’t want anyone to cross because she/he’s a badass and they don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody. If you rub them the wrong way, it’s possibly the last social meet you’ll show your face in.

  2. The nerdy friend:
    This friend is the one you’re not worried about indulging in atom talks with. Because he/she gets it. You talk about all the science-y stuff that society gives you wedgies for. You’re glad you have him/her, because that means your brain will still expand, thank goodness for that.

  3. The boozy friend:
    This is the friend you think of when you want to get down! Booze-wise. He/she doesn’t judge you for drinking, because hell, what’s life without it, right! 

  4. The nerdy boozy friend:
    The nerdy friend who makes you feel all special by drinking just with you. You fritter away your time drinking and arguing about argon and its properties because YOU READ IT IN A SCIENCE MAGAZINE AND YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT.

  5. The mushy friend:
    This friend is your ‘aww’ buddy. Everything with him/her seems all lovey-dovey and mushy to you. You’re a pile of emotions, crapping out rainbows at every stop.

  6. The ‘I-eat-bitches-for-breakfast-and-i-like-it’ friend:
    This friend is the best lesbian ever. She’s a badass and she’s awesome. And she’s better, so much better, than your gay bud, because with her, you can never do the expected. Also, the comparison of boobs and booty around isn’t that revolting, but actually fun with her.

  7. The movie-freak friend:
    With this friend, you talk about movies ALL. THE. TIME. In fact, you both love movies so much, it is possibly the only common thing between you two because that’s all you’ve ever spoken about. You might crap out on ice breakers and conversation starters if movies were to suddenly become inaccessible.

  8. The stalker friend:
    This friend encourages and makes you fall in love with the subtle art of stalking and before you know it, you’re mentally on first-name basis with the entire extended family of your crush.

  9. The kleptomaniac:
    This friend brings out the wild side in you. Not in that way. You start taking the concept of YOLO way too seriously and shop-lifting shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. The ‘she-gets-me’ friend:
    This friend, you know it, was meant to be your soulmate. Too bad she/he’s the same sex and you don’t swing that way, but if you did, you’d totally be tearing that up!

  11. The lover friend:
    This is the friend you are unmistakably totally crushing on, in spite of her/him being the same sex and you not being gay. You can’t help but crush on her/him, even when your instincts warn you otherwise. You choose not to be left alone with him/her because, DAYUM. Maybe you’ve hooked up a couple of times, but it’s all hush-hush.

  12. The internet friend:
    This friend totally gets your love and addiction to the internet and practically craps over the concept of ‘social interaction’. This friend is more than happy to stay at home with you, in the same room, on laptops and talk only when there’s a post too good to not share.

  13. The music freak:
    Refer to point 8. Music is life for this friend and he/she shares your love, but soon enough, there’s no topic in music left to talk about, or no new song, and you are left staring at the floor, occasionally looking up and giving an awkward smile, mourning the conversation that died out about an hour ago.

  14. The then-best-now-old friend:
    This friend, in school, was your partner-in-crime, your best bud, your shoulder. But now, he/she’s just your oldest friend and you spend the time trying to figure out who screwed up, when actually you just grew up and apart.

If there’s more you can think of, do leave a comment below and let me know!



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