Falling out of love

It’s that time of the month for me again.

The time when I am the crankiest.

Because there are people in love sprouting all around me. From nowhere.

And then there are people who break up for no apparent reason because “they don’t know what they did wrong”.

So, hormones are literally all over the fucking place and there is no stopping it. It’s like walking in a room full of live grenades.

Without a doubt, it is not a pleasant sight.

So, obviously, when a friend of mine was low and blue about her relationship, I asked her if she wanted to talk about it. And invited A WORLD OF PAIN for myself.

I’m not really what you might call the proverbial ‘ideal shoulder to cry upon’.

This thing that she kept saying pissed me off. And I couldn’t howl it at her. So, here I am, crouching in the dark, typing this out to strangers.


So, the two of them mutually broke up but she didn’t know what she had done wrong. Or what he had done wrong. And that bit was killing her.

What she didn’t realize was that it WAS possible for people to fall out of love.


To fall in love is awfully simple,

To fall out of love is simply awful


Don’t ask me why I wrote that. It felt like one of those moments. No? Just me? Okay then..

You fall in love with a person because there are certain things about that person that are easy to love, that are waiting to be adored, that are actually drool-worthy.

You fall out of love with a person because there are those overshadowed things you didn’t know about them slowly come to focus again. And it’s a little more than you bargained for, or can survive.

And it is okay.

It is legitimate.

Don’t break your head over the fact that you broke up and don’t know why.

If you wish, break your head over the fact that you are capable of letting go. Of falling out of love. Because that’s a gift not many have or appreciate.


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