What if?

While getting back from college one day, I decided to take the bus. Which I usually don’t advocate. Too many butts squished in together. It makes me nauseous.

Anywhooo, I was late and a bus happened to be standing right there in front of me and I thought, ya know, why not.

So, I get into the bus and sit on the last seat, hugging the window, because someone is bound to come sit next to me. Next thing, a girl and a guy saunter over to the last seat and sit down, the girl besides me.

And as much as I hate eavesdropping (I am lying, it is uber fun for no particular reason), I happened to chance upon bits and pieces of their conversations.

At first I thought they were a couple, because they seemed to give out those vibes, ya know.

But, turns out, they were both dating someone else. And the worst part of this was that they clearly had supposedly unrequited feelings for each other. Every time the guy would talk about the girl he is dating, the girl would lose her smile. And vice versa.

This little incident brought to mind the line that Drew Barrymore rocked in He’s Just Not That Into You to address Scarlett Johansson, “What if you meet the one, but you’re committed to someone else?”

The girl and the guy were obviously too cute together and did the whole sappy cycle, completing each other’s sentences, getting cutely jealous when reminded that they were dating someone else, laughing openly, blah blah.

So, my question is, what if? What if you meet someone but you’re already dating someone else?

What if you meet that person who is adorably perfect for you, but he is the beck and call of someone else?

What if?


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