The Star

As a kid, she loved the star. It was always there for her. Whenever she was blue, she would just look up and there it was, shining brightly at her, as if smiling gently at her naivety.

She would have those amazing long long talks with the star. And magically enough, the star always seemed to solve all her problems. Without doing anything.

The star helped her through her first fight with her mum. And the many that followed.

The star promised closure for every unfinished thing she gave up, because it was too much for her.

The star promised to be there.

She was hooked. So much so that her life without the star seemed so impossible to her, that she would avoid thinking about it.

And then, one day, she moved to the city. Where the stars don’t shine so much. Not that star. Not the one that mattered.

Every blue moment she had after, she would look up and find the spot empty. She hoped for clouds, so she could believe it was hidden for a while. But, no clouds. Clear dark sky. And no star.

She had lost her star. She hoped and hoped to find the star and get it back.

Wasted every lash of hers, making wishes. Always about the star.

But, still no star.

And then, she grew up. And accepted that her star wasn’t coming back.

After that, she always blew her lashes away.. Wish-less..

Never again did she look up to the sky because she knew it was a lost cause.

Growing up sucked, she admitted. But, she made a promise to herself, that she’d be the star for her family. Her family wouldn’t have to look up and not find a shining brilliant light.


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