Finding Sanity


Yesterday, I saw the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ with my sister on cable after a very long time. Frankly, it’s not my favorite animated movie. I mean, come on, nothing, I repeat, nothing beats the likes of Tangled, Frozen and How To Train Your Dragon. But my sister is a big fan of talking fish, so much so it’s not even funny anymore.  

As the movie progressed, I realized she laughed at the littlest things, my sister. Even if it wasn’t funny. That scene when the blue dementia-struck fish forgets the important things, NOT FUNNY.

I mean, Nemo was stuck out there all alone, a tiny baby fish with half a fin!

Evil bastards.

Last week, I saw another movie with her. The Fault In Our Stars. And thanks to The Time Traveler’s Wife, this time I was well-stocked. My bag was overflowing with Kleenex tissues. Throughout the movie, my sister cried about 7 times. There were tears of joy, tears of heart-break, tears of confusion, tears of pity, and then the all-famous tears of ‘i-love-him-so-much-why-can’t-i-have-an-augustus-waters-i-want-an-augustus-waters’.

Needless to say, my supply of Kleenex didn’t suffice, and by the time the movie got over, hers wasn’t a pretty face.  

Thanks to her constantly noisy sniffles, I missed out on a goodish 20 minutes of the movie.

However, the point is all these little things that people do, like cry at movies, or laugh really loud with your best friend at the movie theatre, making fun of the girls clicking selfies (you know who you are, bestie), these little things are so trivial. So stupid. So lame. Yet, invariably, these little things are the ones that help you find your sanity.

Sanity isn’t making the right decisions. Sanity isn’t taking the right road. Sanity isn’t avoiding the wrong direction.

Sanity is happiness in any situation.

Sanity is being able to be yourself with that one person who feels like home to you.

Sanity is making the choices that matter.

Sanity is happiness. 


4 thoughts on “Finding Sanity

  1. Yaa… I truly agree. Just 2 add something. Happiness within… No matter where u r, what u r. No matter what people think? Having your own world within with a right attitude towards life for your ownself.


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