Inspiration is lost..? Oh pish posh!

When I was in school, I had this one teacher who was an absolute angel to me. I had started writing a long time ago. And she would read all of my stuff; all my crappy stuff, in my scrawny handwriting.

She would read the whole damn thing, and give me comments. I didn’t know how to use Word back then so it would be all hand-written. And so would her notes.

I would write about my house, about my imaginary pet unicorn, about the movie I saw that made me shit bricks, about the cute guy in the next class, about my favorite Beatles song, about the mean next door neighbor, about the short but awesome ride to the water park, about anything that struck my fingers and then they seemed to have a mind of their own as they would start scribbling on a shred of paper and when they were done, Voila! There was another little piece of writing to sneak into my notebook to the teacher who read all my stuff. It was like our personal game of hide-and-go-seek.

I remember her neat little handwriting next to my untidy ants. She would always loop her L’s; unlike me. That amused me to no end.

One day, as I was passing her class, she called me in. There was nobody in the class and she seemed to be grading papers.

I walked in confidently, but seeing my paper in her hand with a red pen next to it, I cowered under her gaze instantly.

I managed to whimper out, “Yeah?”

She smiled at me from over her glasses and said, “I read the essay you wrote about changing one aspect of the world if you could. And I have to say, Hogwarts is definitely a great insight.”

I snickered as she swooshed the imaginary wand in the air, yelling “Wingardium Leviosa!”

She then continued, “I don’t think I ever told you, but the way your mind works amuses me and amazes me at the same time. Are you always inspired?”

I looked down, clutching my bag to my chest as I answered, “No, which is why I couldn’t hand in my next article for a couple of weeks last time. I wasn’t inspired.”

She snorted and said, “Oh pish posh. Inspiration is for amateurs. You write. Spin magic out of mere words. Inspiration will come even if it doesn’t want to.”

And that sentence just stuck to me.

Now, as I sat staring at my blank word document for the third week in a row, that sentence came to mind, and her voice spoke the words of wisdom in my head.

And I started tapping away. And before I realized it, I had another article.

Thanks, Mrs. J.


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