Peace is a myth..

A friend in my journalism class had an article written about wars and his perception of the same.

The way he had portrayed his opinions about wars and the ugly green-eyed monster that causes them was actually kind of refreshing.

And, obviously, it got me thinking.

‘Peace’ as an entity haunts my mind when I have nothing else to do or no committed friends of mine to harp about.

Ever since I graced the earth with my exhaustively annoying presence, I have always heard about how peace needs to be instilled in the minds of the people all over the world. Still fresh from all the effects of WW-2, these people tried to root the thought of peace in the minds of unsuspecting children.

And, might I add, succeeded.

Until, of course, children got minds of their own.

Peace, in my absolute squat of an opinion, is a myth.

Just like a corruption-free India is a myth.

I love my country, I swear.

But, its ‘Of the Wise and Rude’, not ‘Of the Wise and Emotional’.

In X-Men- First Class, Sebastian Shaw said a line that blew my mind. He said, “What kills us makes us stronger.”

It is such an unusual statement, yet, so true.

We learn from our mistakes. We learn to survive. We learn to protect. We learn precaution.

But, they learn too.

They learn to attack better. They learn to target better. They learn to agitate better. They learn to plan better.

It doesn’t end.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Mistakes make perfect.

Another line from Men in Black-III, “Where there’s death, there will always be death.”

Peace is a myth, and people have to stop chasing it. It’s like the time my mother finally got the message through my head that unicorns and centaurs do not exist. It broke my heart. Honestly. I had named my unicorn as well. For saving-my-honor purposes, I’d rather not reveal it.

But, I still hoped (still do, don’t judge me) that they existed. Because it was my belief and it made me happy.

Who wouldn’t want a peaceful place to grow up and grow old?

Who wouldn’t want to able to live without the fear of war breaking out, millions of loved ones perishing in the click of a button?

But, as long as there are countries, and nations, and people, and the bloody green-eyed monster, there will always be war.

And where there’s war, there will never be peace.

“Chasing after beautiful beliefs is foolish, because they are almost too beautiful to be achievable.” – Mansi Shanbag.

(Wow, writing my name after that dash is great! No wonder so many people are philosophers!)


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