Ol’ Tommo

As soon as Timothy woke up, he knew it was a Wednesday. He hadn’t really followed much of the weekdays since The Accident, but he just knew.

It was all the squealing around him that woke him up.

Everyday seemed to be in a hurry to put on their Church clothes. Kids seemed to be fighting to stand in front of the cracked old mirror, sweeping their hair to the sides, pulling their cheeks to give them a rosy look.

He shook his head at them, amused.

Getting up from the thin mattress, he reached for his crutches, pulling them nearer to his feet, before struggling to stand up.

Jonathan rushed to his side, pulling his arm and one crutch up. Timothy gave him a thankful smile. Jonathan grinned back.

“Get ready quick, Tommo. Today’s the day. I can feel it.” Jonathan gushed.

“Oh you feel it? Well, then, its set in stone.” Timothy teased.

“Today your ribbing won’t affect me. I’m too happy.” Jonathan said, his voice trailing as he walked towards the cracked mirror to fight for a second of reflection.

Timothy smiled at him, as he took a sip of water from the dirty glass set near the window sill, swallowing three pills, two green, one yellow.

Mrs. Ruby rushed into the room, barking, “y’all ready yet?! Can’t keep ‘em waiting, you worthless pieces of scum! Hurry up or I shall have you clean the entire house! Today!”

All the kids seemed to move faster than before after the threat.

Timothy played with the rough edges of his crutches, before taking a deep breath and calling out, “Mrs. Ruby?”

Mrs. Ruby turned around, scowled at him and said, “What?”

Timothy looked over to Jonathan, who nodded encouragingly.

“Um, can I come down too today?” Timothy blurted out.

Mrs. Ruby seemed to turn bright red, before she huffed out some words and calmly continued, “I have said a million times, Tim, no, you can’t. I can’t have the parents thinking I have all defective kids. I need to get rid of you stupid rascals quick. SO, NO, YOU CAN’T. STAY HERE AND FINISH SHINING THE SILVER.” She barked in the end.

With that, she was gone from the room.

A few kids looked over to Timothy with sympathy strewn over their face, which soon disappeared with another bellow from Mrs. Ruby.

A few others sniggered at his condition, and turned their attention back to the mirror.

Jonathan staggered over to Timothy and harshly said, “That bitch!”

“Jonathan!” Timothy gasped.

“What!? No, if you can’t come, I won’t go!” Jonathan said stubbornly, settling down on the thin mattress.

Timothy shook his head at him, tugged at his shirt and pulled him up. He pointed towards the door, and stood pointing till Jonathan sighed and started moving towards the door.

“Have a good one, mate.” Timothy called out weakly.

“I’ll sneak in a couple cookies for you.” Jonathan said, grinning mischievously, before exiting the room.

And that was the last Timothy saw of Jonathan. It seemed like he’d found a family after all. Or Mrs. Ruby had him punished for sticking up for his ol’ Tommo.

But Timothy’s glad it was a good last memory.


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