New York.. Home..

Yes, cynicism is my middle name and I kid you not, I have been trashed because of it a little over a million times.

Yes, I think true love is jack and people waste their time trying to find ‘the one’ in their life.

Yes, I’m a jerk.

But I have been in love.

I fell in love with her last summer.

In the short period of one day and one night, I lost my heart to her.

Her beauty was inexplicable. She simmered even in the night.

I finally felt like I belonged. Like I was where I should be.

I fell in love… with New York.

From all the places I visited, New York stood out for me.

Not the asymmetrical beauty of the roads of Florida.

Not the beautiful gardens of Connecticut.

Not the immense grandeur of the Niagara Falls.

But, the absolute hustle and bustle of New York.

The grandiose overwhelming nature of New York was what I thought was the most beautiful.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, in all its enormity, to get to Julianna’s pizza on the other side, was probably my favorite part.

It’s hard to say because it was all mesmerizing.

The roads, the people, the atmosphere, the ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude of the almost nude joggers, the artists, oh the artists…

As I stepped into the little bubble of Times Square, I was immediately transformed into another place altogether. It was a portal. It took me to a place of art. And music.

I remember crossing a street with a bunch of people and coming across a country singer on the other side of the road. He sang an original about his girl, who he had wronged and regretted it. He just wanted her back. As tragic as it sounded, he made it beautiful by winking at every woman who passed him, lifting his cute little hat, waving it in the air, and smiling to reveal a shockingly white line of straight teeth with a cigarette stuck between his smiling lips.

Another artist adorned the corner of another street where he proceeded to draw the entire solar system within minutes using spray paints, occasionally jiggling his hip at the tune of the song playing nearby.

At another corner was The Bronze Man, standing in all his stillness, waiting for his next prey to pass by, so could break the stillness and make another soul smile that night.

Only after our stomachs grumbled louder than the country singer’s song did we realize it was 2:30 in the night.

And Times Square was ever bright and shiny. Alive. Buzzing.

Stepping into a TGIF right around the corner, we noticed a game rerun playing on the big screen. So, we took a seat away from the screen. Although the place had barely five tables filled, the urgency that the servers showed was astounding.

I was more than tempted to smile at one of the servers who seemed to be fumbling around the place, and help him with one of the trays in his already full hands. And I would’ve done that, had we not been warned about the presence of an underage kid (me) in a place like TGIF. We played low-key after that.

After this little scare (kidding), we retreated out to the raw exquisiteness of Times Square again, parking our now tired asses on the magnificent Red Stairs.

Stop me if I told you this already, but it was fucking beautiful. The whole place seemed to be bursting with lights and people. Smiling, laughing, hugging, kissing.. Happy. It was a rare picture. It was a pretty picture.

The big screens flashed images that are now blurred in my memory, but I remember they were mesmerizing, even if they were on repeat mode.

Biting into a kebab of some kind of meat we found near a superbly tempting Forever 21 store, we sipped from our soda cups. And smiled. The most I have ever smiled in my life.

I think I fractured a cheek.

As we sat there, taking in all the happiness, all that beauty, all that splendor, I decided this is where I had to be. This is where I could see myself. This was home.

New York seduced me that night.. And I plan on going back.. 


2 thoughts on “New York.. Home..

  1. Mansi, unfortunatly i am aborting my New York trip, because your words have given me all the pleasures and the experiences which i would feel when i am in the city…..


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