Good Guys.. Safe bet?

Okay, this one is clearly inspired by a fellow blogger’s little rant.

Sue me.

Good guys.

  • They’re sweet.
  • They’re down-to-earth.
  • They think you’re pretty even in rags with green paint strewn all over your face at Halloween.
  • They’re gentlemen.
  • They’re never late.
  • They don’t string you along.
  • They pull chairs for you.
  • They open doors for you.
  • They insist on dropping you home. 45 minutes away. In the opposite direction. And follow-through.
  • They don’t pressurize you.
  • They don’t follow the two date kiss rule.
  • They wait for you to be comfortable before they even hold your hands.
  • They take you to public places, with people around, so you can rest assured about their intentions.
  • They tell their mum you’re pretty.
  • They tell their friends you’re beautiful, not hot.
  • When they dance with you, their hands remain on the small of your back, not further up, not further down.
  • They barely ever have eyes for anyone else when they’re with you.
  • They know PG-13 is off limits. And they don’t even try.
  • At the movies, they hold your hand, but studiously make an effort to not go any further.
  • They are worried about your menstrual cycles.
  • When you PMS, they’re so sweet, you find yourself feeling cruel for snapping at them.
  • They’re huggable.
  • They compliment every dress you wear, pretty or not.
  • They think everything looks good on you.

That is a lot plus points. And I’m not even done with half.

But, my question is, are they worth it?

Is it worth giving up your free time, your ‘drool-at-ryan-gosling’ time for them?

No offense to the good guys. They’re great. Honestly.

But, is leaving everything behind worth the predictable dates?

Or the predictable fun you will have?

Is it worth leaving everything behind for ‘safe’, because what are good guys if not safe?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of safe. Or good guys. They’re great, they’re lovely, they’re super nice and absolutely understanding.

But, if I wanted to date a girl, I’d date a girl.

Just sayin’.


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