War of the Roses..?

So, yesterday I had a long talk with a friend of mine about her dating this guy. It’d been just a week since they’d known each other and they were already crazy about each other.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends. But these little love babbles are hilarious and annoying at the same time.

Not yours, friend-from-last-night. Yours, I love. *wink*

So, anyway, she kept gushing and gushing about this guy and I was honestly happy for her. Until she happened to say the thing that inspired this little rant.

After what felt like ages and ages of my life of her gushing and blushing and virtually crying over his perfection, she said and I quote, “I don’t want to fall hard for him!”

So simple, so obvious. But, it had me sit upright, flapping my ears, waiting for more to come.

But that was all that she managed to squeak out for the rest of the little lovely chat.

She was genuinely pretty freaked out about falling hard and fast.

And it made wonder, was “falling hard and fast” the new “I’m pregnant at 16 and I love it”?

Did I just sound like Carrie Bradshaw there for a second?

*sipping a cosmo* Damn right I did.

What has me worried is that is the dating realm so complicated now that the first person of the two to ‘fall hard and fast’ is accused of punishable offense? Has dropping the L-bomb become the end of the world as we know it? Is falling in love so soon not a novelty anymore but a shameful misdemeanor?

If that’s the case, where do the rest of us get off? What is the meaning of it all for the singles out there? Are we the escaped victims of the dance of shame? Or are we the losers who lost out to the war of the roses? Or are we the heroes who’d rather indulge in AWESOME fandoms and save ourselves the inevitable heartbreak, Kleenex money and ice cream weight?

I need people to comment and let me know how this works. I think I had one too many cosmos.



6 thoughts on “War of the Roses..?

      1. So profound.

        But to answer your question, I guess it’s for every one of us to find our for ourselves. For some, love is stupid and ridiculous (Ted), and for others it might be something that brings about a huge change in their lives (Barney). Some find it quickly (Marshall), some take ages (Ted, again). Does that answer you question?


  1. Not really. B minus for the attempt. 😛

    My question wasn’t how people fall in love.
    Not nearly.
    My question is why have people started being so afraid of falling in love? Hearts broke earlier too, they break now as well. Kleenex was exploited earlier and now as well.
    since when did it become such a taboo?

    I am one of these people and i kid you not, i get booed by my best friends. Every single time.


    1. No people weren’t so heartbroken earlier ’cause they were pretty much forced into marriage. 😛 People are just much more cynical now.. Look at you! 😛


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