Love-hate? Not so much..

Ever since I was a kid I had this crazy obsession with love-hate relationships. Ya know, the best friend you hate and love at the same time. And thanks to cheesy bollywood movies, I had this quintessential idea about these relationships.

  1. Always a best friends thing.
  2. Always a guy-girl thing.
  3. Always clichéd cheesy with peppy music numbers, possible partying all night and still ending up safe at home.
  4. One of them is always a nerd, the other one is the popular person because ‘opposites attract’, eh.
  5. One of them ends up falling hard and fast (whaddup earlier post reference).


This is where things change a little. It’s either of the two options.

  1. Both feel and fell the same way but never realized it.
  2. One of them just never saw the other one that way. Cue, awkward times. Cue, losing your best friend forever. Cue, just miserable.

So, that’s how I saw these relationships. And frankly, for no apparent reason, I loved the concept. Except the heartbreak part. Bleh. Let’s move past that one.

So, naturally, all my life, I waited for such a thing to waltz into my life.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Before I realized it’s all bullshit.

I called it.

These relationships only existed in movies. And what are movies after all, but figments of our fantasies.

Movies, as time evolved though, worked on these concepts, tweaking them a bit as they went. Modernizing, they called it.

And ‘love-hate’ became ‘can tolerate each other-hate’ relationships.

And I was fine with it. Until I realized those were demented as well. Not nearly as close to what it actually was.

As I began to then reassess the relationships I had with a lot of my guy pals, I realized where the error lay.

These relationships aren’t ‘can tolerate each other-hate’ ones. They’re ‘can tolerate each other-can tolerate each other’ ones.

Love and hate are so far gone. Nobody’s that extreme anymore.

Everyone likes the blasé definition.

I can’t decide if I like it or despise it.

I mean, yea blasé is kinda cool. Extreme is never cute. Ever heard, ‘now that’s a cute lookin’ emo. Imma ask her out.’

That’s what I thought.

No hate please.

But I think I miss the days when one could love and hate a person. When one could hug a person senseless and break an egg on his head with the same intensity.

The whole mature outlook to life can get seriously boring.


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