Little Blue Bas**rd

So I was reading a fellow blogger’s blog. And it got me thinking.

Deeeep thinking.

That happens very rarely, so I try to document those.

The question that has me gnawing on the insides of my brain, creative and otherwise, is that, “what do I want in life?”

Now see, common misconception. There’s the question “what do you want FROM life?” and then there’s “what do you want IN life?”

These blighted devils sound so similar, even look a tad repetitive. But there are poles apart in meaning.

Those of us who do not have the felicity of living under a rock and are acquainted with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs might get what I am to say next.

Ya see, Maslow, god bless the poor squirt, had this pyramid about the needs of man, stage by stage, setting down the general priorities that man needs to sort to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. Infact, if I am to adjust the meter to today’s world, he set down the priorities for man to survive in this dog-eat-dog-then-mediate-for-superior-soul-yearning world.


Here’s the simplest one I could for the under-the-rock dwellers. You’re welcome.

Now, my point is, the question “what do I want FROM life?” can be answered by the last four blocks from the bottom. Physiological being food, water, shelter, education, etc. Ya know, the basics.

Safety obviously covers security of wealth, health, employment, etc.

Social meaning love, family, friends etc.

And esteem covering confidence, respect, etc.

And what do I want IN life is the sole, single blue bastard in the photo, Self-actualization. It even sounds scary, I don’t know how people spend most of their lives chasing after it.

What does it actually mean? Does it mean you get to strap a halo around your head and go around claiming to be the one miracle God got right? I’m absolutely lost.

A moron of a human being once told me, *cue ominous tone* “You can’t know what you are or what you’ll be unless you get your little blue bastard thingie right.” Or something along those lines. I always forget.

So, please, do me a favor. Enlighten me. Comment and PLEASE help me out with what the blue thingie means. Where does it start. Where does it end. How do you define it? And how does it define what you want IN life?


2 thoughts on “Little Blue Bas**rd

  1. There comes a point in life where you need nothing and you have that satisfied smirk on your face all the time . This is when you reach the blue shit


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