Valentine’s Trauma. Legit.

Valentine’s day.

This day is like a forgotten childhood trauma that crops every time I see the stores starting to display red crap all over the place. Many people tried telling me my case is one of the sour grapes. But, no that’s not it, really. I’ve had dates before. But the concept of valentine’s day seems hollow, shallow and demented to me.

Those cheeseball lines people say that everyday should be valentine’s day for people in love, those lines make perfect sense. Why single out one day out of all the other days in love to dress up in red crap, hoard the other person with flowers till they smell of it, buy chocolates enough to name yourself Charlie and start your own chocolate factory? Why not celebrate everyday of the year for being in love? If that is even the reason why people celebrate it anymore.

Years ago, a new thing was up in market. Video games. They were pixelized, noisy, and seldom made sense. But they were the new thing. Every kid just HAD to have them. Even if they were a great big distraction. But, they were here to stay.

The same is with valentine’s day. Stupid fad. Seldom make sense. But, it pains me to say, it’s here to stay. People are so driven by that day that I have actually seen people try to get dates before valentine’s JUST to have someone to celebrate it with. Once that is done, hasta la vista.

Obviously, india never had that culture. Don’t get me wrong, I love western culture. I could live off it for ages if I could.

But at this one, I say “crazy bitches, stop.”

Now that india has done the totally sane (read insane) thing of adopting this particular thread of the western culture, it is blessed (read cursed) with the opportunity to deal with the consequences.

And the consequences, my friend, wouldn’t be too pretty. Valentine’s day sees a bunch of people in love, all rainbows and cookies and sunshine. But, I’m telling ya, there’s a segment of people out there sitting behind the curtains, rotten eggs in hand, waiting to fling them at these people. I’m sure of it. *looks here and there, before tossing a couple of rotten eggs in my bagpack*

By segment of people ofcourse I mean other people. Out there. Ya know.


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