Homosexuality, a crime..?

The latest law passed by the Supreme Court is that of terminating the homosexuality rights. Homosexuality is a crime in India again. How thoughtful. I completely agree with this.

Or do I?

No I don’t. Of course not. I’m not inhuman.

Every lame law, if you will, doubts the essence of democracy India so proudly boasts of. How can we, as a country, as citizens, as a body, allow such a tragedy to take place?

If the gods will it so, who are we, as mere pathetic human beings to question His supremacy? The last time I checked, a bolt of lightning did not bring down two gay men, in love, about to kiss, as a punishment. Or did I miss it? I think not.

The exact statement made by these educated illiterates is ‘whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal can be punished by up to life term.”

The sheer audacity of this statement makes my blood boil. Let’s take it clause by clause.

‘Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse’

So, it is a fact it’s voluntary. No man or woman is being forced into this state. They should have stopped at this itself. If it is voluntary, they need not go poking their nose in these matters. Until and unless, they SEE with their eyes a man forcing another man or a woman forcing another woman into acts of ‘carnal intercourse’, this is not their business.

‘Against the order of nature’

So, let’s give a BIG round of applause to the original men of this planet. They’re the first ones on this planet. They’re the ones who drafted the order of nature. So, naturally, love within the same sex is a complete no-no. Is love that definitive, really? Is it that cramped, that crowded as to not accommodate all kinds? Is it ashamed to have all kinds of categories in it?

‘With any man, woman or animal’

So, yay, let’s just go ahead, totally disregard general human courtesy and manners and compare human beings, sophisticated, to animals.

How sad is the state of this country if people refer to gays and lesbians as unnatural? As animals? If a man loves a man, let him, for mike’s sake. If a woman is ready to bear the absolute joys of family abandonment for a little love with another woman, let her. It’s her choice. Her life. And last time I checked, we still had an ounce of free rights in our backpacks.

Jail time’s ringing for me, I’m sure.

“Can be punished by up to life term.”

Oh, you robbed a bank, killing three men, two women, and three children in the process? Here, have a drink while you enjoy your one year imprisonment.

You’re a man, in love with a man? Well, then, stagger along and park your butt in the nearest jail for the rest of your life, mister. Go sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done.

It’s difficult to write when my hands are shaking with pure rage. How can people convict other people for being in love? Humanity is lost. And lost so bad.

Would the same courtesy be extended to, say, the justice’s son or daughter if they were to be caught in the ‘debauchery’ of being in love with the same sex?

Love is not a crime. It never was. It never should be. And if there comes a time when you start thinking gays and lesbians are unnatural or do not deserve the same respect and love as straight people, I do believe it is time for you to walk onto a speeding truck or OD on your drugs.


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