Feminism. You got it.

Possibly the most spoken of topic in the history of discussions and debates, gender equality has slowly creeped its way into our list of “let’s rat this topic out if nothing else presents itself to us.”

However, going a little deeper into the heart of this topic, after sufficient research and observations, a question has posed itself in front of me. Is feminism being taken too far or is it just right?

If I might, another thought has also occurred to me. Since we are discussing gender equality, someone might as well say it. There has been a line, shutting every single conversation or argument down, saying “men and women are equal.”

All these centuries of women staying at home, in four walls, working to make the house a better home, breeding kids, raising kids, and all the other imaginable ‘joys’ of being cut off from the world, they have been deprived of using their abilities to the fullest. Orthodox dictionaries may define women as human beings created to be of domestic help while the man of the house goes out, earns money, and protects the family.

Surrounding all this stereotyping, the world still advanced and there came a day when women finally broke through the dark veil, stepped out and embraced the world.

And when that happened, the world shook on the balls of its feet because it realized exactly how wrong it’d been about women. I say this, not because I’m a girl. I say this because it’s a fact.

There are hardly any fields, barring manual labor, if you will, where women haven’t been proven to be just as good as or maybe better than men.

How can we, as a society, then say that men and women are equal? Centuries of men leading the world, and mere last few decades of women catching up clearly proves the theory that women are indeed better than men.

Feminism and feminists, I have come to realize, do not reject or oppose the ‘being equal’ equation. They oppose the ‘not given enough credit’ equation. They do not fight for equal rights, they fight for the recognition that they do indeed deserve everything they desire, be it equal jobs or the satisfaction of being called an independent individual.

For even though it is said, that men and women are equal, give me one man who wouldn’t, secretly or openly, design himself higher on a scale than a female equivalent. You wouldn’t find one. I’d stake my entire reputation on it. And I don’t have much to begin with, so you can imagine how serious I’m being. 


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