Dream a dream so cruel

She was happy. That was the first thing that her mind registered. In her inebriated state.

She was happy. And alive.

Her thoughts seemed to be swaying. As did her body. She realized she was surrounded by water. Water currents to be apt, she corrected.

Currents seemed to be pulling her in.

The weird part was, she didn’t mind.

She was embracing the currents as old parted friends.

She was both in slow motion and being fast forwarded.

She also realized her eyes were closed. On the lid of her eyes, she could see a dark green curtain. She was afraid to open her eyes.

She couldn’t hear anything.

This dream ran in mute.

Her legs kept touching something squishy. Her legs kept rejecting it, while her mind kept becoming curious by the minute. It had to know what it was.

She was alone, she realized, by the absence of movement around her.

Yes, she was drowning…

The sound of bangles broke her sleep. She woke up to see her roommate, all dressed and ready to go to work.

Yes, she’d been drowning. But, now she wasn’t.

As she sat up, thinking about the vague dream, she presently heard her boss barking orders at her to get dressed. The customers were waiting outside the brothel.

She shuddered to think of the drunken, handsy men she would have to deal with again.

As she started getting dressed, ignoring the still barking harsh man, she realized with a sinking feeling, her dream quite resembled her reality. She was still drowning. She knew how to swim, and yet, she was drowning.

And she would. For the rest of her life. Escaping wasn’t an option when it came to deep, strong water currents. 


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